John McDougall designing Bogobrush.
designing Bogobrush
Beautifully designed, ecologically sound, socially minded
The first toothbrush you'll actually care about
designing Bogobrush

Meet Bogobrush, the beautifully designed, completely biodegradable, buy-one-give-one toothbrush.

Bogobrush is the work of Industrial Designer John McDougall, who spends his days designing cars for GM, and his nights creating toothbrushes. Two years ago, John set out with his sister, and Bogobrush co-founder, Heather McDougall, to bring more environmental and social awareness to people’s daily routines, and as children of a dentist, they kept coming back to the idea of a toothbrush.

“From the very first sketch, we’ve believed a product that starts your day and finishes your night deserved the same attention to design as your iPhone,” says Chief Creative Officer, John McDougall. “We stripped away the grips and gimmicks, and were left with a beautiful form that fits perfectly in any hand, and can reach any part of your mouth.”

With its cylindrical form sculpted of bamboo, and its biodegradable nylon bristles, Bogobrush is designed to never see a landfill. And, Bogobrush has a social mission, too: for each Bogobrush purchased, one is given to someone in need. Bogobrush is teaming up with organizations across the country to distribute the toothbrushes to people who need them most.

Bogobrush is available for pre-order at www.bogobrush.com, where customers have the option to purchase a single Bogobrush, or a year supply. If purchasing a year supply, the Bogobrush team will make life a little easier by delivering a fresh, new toothbrush every three months.

Bogobrush has base camps in Saint Paul, MN, Detroit, MI, and Atlanta, GA. For more information about Bogobrush, please visit www.bogobrush.com, or contact Macey Morrison at 662.352.1411 or macey@bogobrush.com.