bogue MASK
Interior aroma diffuser
Design by Antonio Gardoni for RUA CONFETTORA 17 – Design Shop
RUA CONFETTORA 17 is proud to present bogue MASK, result of a deep collaboration
with Antonio Gardoni (architect, designer and perfumer), author of the project and
handmade by the ceramic artist Fausto Salvi.
bogue MASK is an object formally inspired by the shape of the classic disposable paper
filter mask used to protect and isolate the respiratory system.
bogue MASK is a poetic, evocative and innovative object that even if reminds the classic
filter mask subverts its principle and mimicry transforming itself in an elegant tool able to
diffuse in the surrounding an original olfactory experience.
bogue MASK comes with the room fragrance Rue de Bois, the first bogue PROFUMO?s
scent specifically created for the house.
The bogue MASK is soaked with the aroma and ready to diffuse it in the surrounding
space, adding some drops of Rue de Bois extract inside the mask is enough to intensify
and renew the scent effect.
The internal surface of the Bogue MASK is made in natural terracotta in order to absorb
the liquid scent and release its aromas together with the deepest aromatic notes, Bogue
MASK is an incredible aroma diffuser, elegant, yet enigmatic and unique.
Rue de Bois is a room scent created by Antonio Gardoni to transport indoor the charm
and the mystery of an imaginary wood made of old tress projecting their shadows on
remembrance gardens, a scent that confirms the most interesting and renowned peculiar
notes of the bogue PROFUMO?s production trough the exclusive use of 100% natural raw
materials sourced all around the globe and self produced trough handcrafted extraction
processes in order to compose unique and unforgettable perfumes.
The main notes of Rue de Bois combine trees and resins (Lebanon cedar, cypress,
camphor, sandalwood) with the green intensity of vetivert, musk, together with the street
aroma (labdanum, asphalt, tobacco, moss, spices) and with a bouquet of spices to reveal
at the end a small garden of roses and jasmines (rose damascene, jasmine sambac,
lavender, thyme).
The bogue MASKS, handcrafted by the artist Fausto Salvi, are available in a limited
numbered edition in their classic white glazed finish (69 pieces) and in the new decadent
pure gold finish (16 pieces)
Each bogue MASK carries on the wooden handle the engraved brand, RUA
CONFETTORA 17, and author?s name, Antonio Gardoni. Bogue MASKS are available in a
padded wood box together with their authenticity certificate and a 10 ml. concentrated
extract of Rue de Bois to renew their scenting properties.