BOOX Medium Size
BOOX Wall Composition
BOOX without books
BOOX Wall Composition
BOOX WOOD Desert Ironwood

Books and magazines enclose millions of amazing images and stories that tend to be forgotten somewhere in a shelf.
We thought it was time to bring them out and that’s why we created Boox, a box specially designed to display those amazing pages as an expression of yourself.
Boox is much more than a frame or a conventional display, Boox has balls! Made out of a malleable foam rubber these balls are used to press the pages against the front to display them perfectly plain just as if they were floating.
Only one screw is needed to hang it on the wall. The T-shaped hole in the back was designed to easily tune its balance whenever the weight is not evenly distributed.
With Boox it’s quite easy to change the content. Just open up the cover lid, change the pages or replace the publication by another one. The elementary shapes and materials of Boox enhances nothing more than the beauty of the shown content and makes it easily fit in any architectural environment.
Let your place follow your mood.