Boqueria – A new restaurant in Stockholm by Tengbom Architects

The recently opened restaurant Boqueria, in the brand new Mood mall is a future classic; it has already been nominated for an international design awards.

The restaurant has two separate dining areas. Right in the heart of the mall, is the open Torget (Market, in English) which has a bustling indoor market feel. It is a great watering hole to meet up from early morning to late evening. A few steps up is the brasserie-style Restaurangen. It is still connected to Torget through materials and style.

The key words in the project were: conviviality, honesty, and warmth.

The Southern European menu with tapas and the bar height restaurant tables encourages social interaction between guests.

The open kitchen, where the dinner guests can see their tapas being created, contributes to the buzzing atmosphere.

The durable natural materials such as leather, wood and steel were chosen as they will age beautifully and with age acquire a warm patina, accentuating the room’s character.

The challenge has been in finding an esthetic where the relatively hard materials in the interior are perceived as soft, warm and inviting. Nothing has been left to chance. In fact, every last detail has been designed by Tengbom, from trusses and steel columns down to the fixtures, furniture and towel rails.

Boqueria is the place where food, materials and interior harmonizes to create an easy-going charm that invites you to enjoy and linger.