Final wall after a year of compilation.
Black Series - Beauty in the Dark - Bonding
Black Series - Beauty in the Dark - Sensory
Black Series - Beauty in the Dark - Silver
A1 Archival - Featherboa - The big mama of glamour
A1 Archival - Ninja - Make a statement without saying a word.
A1 Archival - Twinkle - Twinkle twinkle little leaves, how I wonder what you are…
A1 Archival - Rust - Weathered is now beautiful


I am Francis Ooi, a creative director from DDB Singapore, an advertising agency.

In late 2011, I looked at my living room wall and decided I need to refresh it.
So I decided to do a small project by taking photos of the flora that surrounds my home
since I am living near one of Singapore’s best Nature Reserve, The Bukit Timah Hill.

I have been running on the forest trail for quite a while, enjoying the peace in contrast to the hectic city life.
The serenity of birds chirping in contrast to the blaring provoking car horn.
And I noticed that the Nature Reserve does offer a pretty good variety of flora.

With inspiration of 18th century botanical illustration, I decided to do a modern interpretation instead.
Armed with a hybrid compact micro four thirds digital camera, I decided that’s the way to go for my living room –
pictures shot that was cross processed to achieve an illustrated look rather then a usual photograph.

Little did I know that the more I shot, the more I see. And before I knew it, it had become addictive and obsessive.
I ended up having a Botanical Portrait blog plus an Online shop as well.

Only recently did I managed to complete my living room wall after a year of consolidating the prints.
I have made a short time lapsed video. See it here: https://vimeo.com/57903599

I have also recently released the Black Series, which is about revealing Beauty in the Dark
and a few new A1 size prints in Museum Grade Archival Paper.

I hope you could share it with your followers.
My earlier work was featured by inhabitat in March 2012 and Design Sponge in May 2012.

This latest work has yet to be published by any bloggers.
Thank you.

Best regards.
Francis Ooi