The Bow overhead lighting fixture by Observatory Design

Observatory Design has developed Bow, a sleek overhead lighting fixture that blends natural wood with the formed metal elements commonly found in commercial lighting. The laminated ash limbs flow out of and wrap up and over the light source, and create an interplay between the light and shadow on the machined wood facets. Bow is designed to provide a blend of direct and indirect illumination; a version with a large reflector washes both wall and work surfaces in light, while a nude variant provides more general space lighting. Fabric wrapped cord is celebrated as it runs along the interior of the wood limbs, delivering power to either high-efficiency fluorescent T5 lamps or a bi-directional LED board.

Bow was developed internally at Observatory as a self initiated project to satisfy their own studio’s lighting needs and the firm is evaluating further development with manufacturers.

About Observatory:

Observatory creates meaningful products and experiences that merge elegant simplicity with innovative solutions. The studio has a broad range of experience including furniture, table top goods, consumer products, and interactive and application design for clients such as Herman Miller, Proctor & Gamble, Teroforma and LG Electronics. We believe that creating an emotional connection between objects and individuals is an art form, but we base all our work by developing a compassionate understanding of the needs and aspirations of the user through research, observation and analysis. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the studio is led by founders Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton.