The Brandywine Bowl's sleek form and stark white color beautifully contrast the plant's fresh green foliage.
A closeup shot of the Brandywine Bowl showcases the contrast between the simple shape of the eco-friendly  planter and the explosive nature of plants.

The largest Bowl planter in Native Cast’s product line, the Brandywine is modern, simple, and eco-chic in every way. Handcast using NativeCast’s custom green concrete mix, this planter is ultralight and thin, yet amazingly durable due to the reinforced weave cloth structure.

Each NativeCast Brandywine Bowl is conceived, created, and individually hand cast by Giacco. His garden containers showcase a duality of high art and functional design. He views his planters as small-scale pieces of architecture, in which he manipulates common building materials to create unique textures.

The Brandywine Bowl is fitted with a .5″ drainage hole and includes a coco fiber insert to difuse the water over the drainage hole. Felt pads are also include to protect surfaces. The Brandywine Bowl measures 16″ in diamater and is 5.5 inches high. This planter is approximately 6 lbs and has a 14″ diameter planting opening.