The Renata Rubim Design & Cores studio is the pioneer in brazil to work with surface design. Our specialties are projects for surfaces of any nature and color consulting for industries and the construction area. The company has an extensive list of executed projects, ranging from textiles to plastics, ceramics, and papers. We have products in the homes of brazilians throughout the national territory, such as thermoses, tableware, bed linen and appointment books. We also produce carpets, wallcoverings and hardwood floors.
The objectives of the studio are to work design in an affordable and environmentally correct way contributing with projects that bring good business results to their customers without harming the environment.

We have been creating tiles for Solarium Flooring and Coating for a few years, resulting in successfull products because of the diversity of compositions that can be formed using the same product, by placing the tiles in different positions. In addition, you can use the product in different colours available in the collection. Also the main raw material used by the company is a special type of refractory concrete for floors, which offers greater durability over other materials and natural stones like ceramics.

Here is three of our greats designs: City, Illusione and Atoll.

City was inspired by the aerial view of a city that imprints a rather unusual and modern effect to the composition of indoor and outdoor areas. To be used as wall cladding or flooring.

Illusione uniqueness is due to the light and shadow effect thanks to the elevation on one side, which creates an elegant moving feeling as well as a beautiful contrast.

Atoll is an innovation in terms of latticework walling which allows the circulation of air and the penetration of natural light. Can be also used as a cool pannel in your living room.