Good afternoon,

I wanted to introduce BrickBox, (www.ModMobili.com/stock) making its American debut this September. There was much discussion and blogging regarding the European launch in March 2011; I am reaching out to the design blogs that had previously posted and article. At that time the number one question regarded USA availability.

BrickBox was launched in October 2010 by Kazam! in Barcelona, Spain; and is a designed shelving system, made ??up of patented modular library modules (boxes) used either to store and transport. Its affordable pricing (Large $55, Small $47, pricing includes shipping in the US) allows for an entire system to be built for far less than similar designs.

BrickBox Modular Shelving is available in two different widths, and can be stacked up to six units high to create an attractive open wall unit. BrickBox uses high-quality, locally sourced and sustainable Birch; the layering and finish will withstand heavy use, and up to 200lbs or more of books, goods, or display items. The two sizes allow for various interior specifications and ample design opportunities. BrickBox easily works as a room divider, with some boxes reversed to show display on both sides of the system. Each set of BrickBox can be raised up on casters or feet, perfect for lower systems built for entertainment storage and display.