Bridge large polished brass 6W LED
Bridge large front view
Bridge small polished brass 3W LED
Bridge large blue stainless steel
front view
Bridge small blue stainless steel
front view
polished brass and blue steel version
before bending

Italian designer Francesco Meda presented Bridge Lamp.
The simple yet innovative concept behind this self-production project results in a sustainable and contemporary product that combines a traditional material with cutting-edge manufacturing processes and lighting technologies.
Bridge is a symbol of continuity . Made entirely from a 1.2 mm laser-cut brass sheet, the lamp gains three-dimensionality and structure thanks to the bends on the sides. Without a proper base but supported instead on four points Bridge differs from the canonical concept of lamp becoming a decorative and sculptural element. Capable of attracting natural light when turned off and of expressing an elegant and consistent luminosity when on, thanks to it’s low-consumption LED strip, Bridge becomes a true “bridge” of light.

Bridge is currently part of the Triennal Design Museum collection.