Love for cooking 02 | briar wood spoon set
Lizard | sugar or sauce bowl
Lizard | sugar or sauce bowl
Peineta | olive wood spatula rest with magnet stand
Peineta | olive wood spatula rest with magnet stand
Peineta | olive wood spatula rest with magnet stand

UP | briar wood butter knife and magnet stand
Wave | briar wood tray
Sail-ovni 00 | sugar bowl

Hey Harry,
I love your magazine. Great work.

I’m Ricardo Tena – Woodworker.
Brucc is my project: Wood objects for kitchen and home, hand carved with love in Barcelona.

After a year working on my project I’m starting to show to people to get feedback.
Will be great be in your magazine (if you think could be suitable as I think) to know more opinions.
Hope you like the products.

My studio is located in a small mountain area 10 km from Barcelona city center. Hidden away from the speed of the city, our inspiration is always in direct contact with the natural materials around us. We are influenced by our environment, but we also have a special passion for food and cooking. In Brucc we create objects for the kitchen and home. Reflecting our environment and taking on a true Mediterranean character, all our pieces are handmade, combining traditional techniques and using our chosen materials, wood and stone. Ricardo researches, experiments and crafts, piece by piece, a delicious collection dedicated to the kitchen and home. The refined and ingenious sculpture-objects, which challenge traditional forms, while preserving natural resources and, with a touch of magic, bring much more to the table than a mere function. With wit and skill, Ricardo sprouts from sticks and branches, new creative concepts outlined with elegant subtlety and humility.
Ricardo Tena – born in Barcelona in 1977 – studied industrial design at the Llotja. The son of a blacksmith, he learned to weld and forge metal from an early age. Travel and music became part of this journey and two years ago, he was led back to the workshop by the hand of a gentler and more delicate material: wood.