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Press Release – City Collection – New Designer Line Addition
Jeffrey Bruce Baker for City Collection

March 2013

City Collection continues to stand at the forefront of emerging trends with its uncompromising and exquisite furniture. Their attention to posture and body allows them to construct pieces that balance a European aesthetic with American sensibility. Fusion of line and proportion, brought to life through City Collection’s trademark craftsmanship, results in furniture that embodies both contemporary fashion and timeless style, all the while maintaining a provocative edge.
April 2013 Highpoint Market (IHFC Building InterHall IH205) will feature City Collection’s debut of American made casegoods featuring unique woods and precious metals.
In developing this line City Collection chose to collaborate with architect and designer Jeffrey Bruce Baker. Through their early conversations, City Collection and Jeffrey Bruce Baker recognized the lack of exquisite woods in today’s modern furniture market. By fusing concepts of modernity to traditional furniture construction methods, this collection will appeal to the contemporary, tailored client. Jeffrey Bruce Baker’s appropriation of modern architecture, art, and fashion design inspired this collection’s timeless look and feel.
Jeffrey Bruce Baker for City Collection takes a warm approach to modernism, using depth only found in nature. His incorporation of unique, tropical woods into modern design, for instance, sets this collection apart. Jeffrey Bruce Baker’s choice of materials highlights the individual contour and body of each particular design. Precious finishes, such as shagreen, gold leaf, and silver leaf enhance the minimalistic beauty of every piece.
Jeffrey Bruce Baker also re-imagines how design works in a given space. By endowing each piece with a true, natural identity, his inventive approach to modernism encourages people to repurpose what has been called “occasional” furniture in various ways. Because his designs are fully appointed and skillfully finished, they can also float in the center of any space. Above all, his educated style and sound workmanship has produced pieces that will be passed down for generations.

Media and Sales Contacts
404-841-5858, Chad Salenius
404-351-1232, Jeffrey Bruce Baker