Build in black - mounted on the wall
Build in white - mounted on the wall
Build - the sk's the limit
The BUILD shelves that display your belongings become the boxes to transport them. Great for when you move home or change your desk at your workplace.
Build - this shelving grows with you. You can add units anytime, as your requirements change
Build - all shelves are horizontal and on the same level
Build can be used as partitioning and is an ideal solution for pop up stores and events
You can change the configuration within minutes. No tools required.

BUILD permits you to ‘design’ your own composition.
A single modular element is the essence of this lightweight shelving and an endless variety of configurations and forms can be constructed by using it.
As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs.
You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating.
BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere.
No instructions or tools needed.

Available from http://igg.me/at/build