The left side wall : Photo by Sayaka Mochizuki
The whole view of the shop : Photo by Sayaka Mochizuki
The shelves from another angle : Photo by Sayaka Mochizuki
The right side wall : Photo by Sayaka Mochizuki
The left side wall with normal lighting : Photo by Sayaka Mochizuki

What does Shop need their interior ? What is the essential thing for Interior ?

If the shop cover their interior by their own goods, there is no need to make walls, floors and ceiling s new.

This was a project that renovate the interior for the shop in Harajyuku Japan. The shop is very famous for their unique goods and displaying their goods all over the shop.
They wanted to move their office and store room. The new shop was needed those two functions.

At first, The owner of the shop said they need new walls and floors. But we did not want to make the things no use.
It means, once they started displaying their own goods, the inside of shop are covered by the goods very unique and strong character.Then elements of interior is going to disappear.

Rethinking necessary elements for their space, We reached the fact that Furniture is the only one necessary condition of Shop.

These shelves are consist of the ladder shape wooden unit. They were put on each 910mm belong the both side of the shop.
The 24mm thickness boards can be spanned between them.
The staff of the shop can make their displaying by changing those board’s positions or hanging some hooks and iron meshes.

They also pin their small goods on the ladders. Then they can not be seen by customers. They are not aware of the shelves and They can concentrate their shoppings.