Who: BUNOX formed when Ben Cox and Brianne Uno met while working in Los Angeles, CA in 2013 for a luxury fashion brand.

What: “Cut Collection.” A furniture collection seamlessly merging wood and clear acrylic without the use of mechanical fasteners. The Cut Collection consists of a low table, chair, small table, and floor lamp. The collection is accompanied by a clothing line designed and developed around the furniture’s modern aesthetic. All furniture is hand crafted in Los Angeles,CA.

Where: Los Angeles, South Bay

When: The introductory design was the Cut Coffee Table-drawn in 2012.

Why: A frustrating pursuit for simple furniture encompassing a relatable but modern feel led Brianne to challenge Ben to find anything within the national market that their space and style could identify with. After many days and nights of shopping, searching, and burrito eating together in Los Angeles, Ben lightheartedly showed her his original rendering of the coffee table; the first prototype came shortly after.

Note: The collection pieces shown in the natural color are of sapele wood with acrylic. The collection pieces shown in black are of walnut and acrylic. The light is illuminated using LED strips. No mechanical fasteners are used.


BUNOX // Cut Seat

BUNOX // Cut Low Table