BUOY is a portable light solution, Inspired by the guiding light of a sea-buoy, that allow you to go further, explore and find your new favourite spot, wherever you are.

In this day and age where we grow more and more close to technology, there is a greater need to interact with nature. However, most of our daily interaction with nature is controlled by our environment, such as, paths, seatings and light sources. When considering group gatherings in the night time, food and drinks are usually involved, With that in mind, we decided to work with a way to allow people to appreciate the outdoors and each other, even after dark. Outdoor eating places tend to have their own spaces set up for lighting and seating and consequently they do not allow for a greater mobility of people as they desire. We wished that people could be free to roam and pick their own favorite spots in the nature, not feeling forced to a pre-set environment. From this idea the BOUY lamp was born.



detail handle

Detail dimmer