Bushakan 3 Pocket Stand
Bushakan 5 Pocket Stand
Bushakan 3 & 5 Pocket Stand


We’re big fans of Mocoloco so we’re really excited to share our story with you.
I’m a designer at the San Francisco based Architecture and Design firm MWLRO.
I really enjoyed your recent post on the Zesch Interlocking Coasters by Michiel Cornelissen.
Our work comprises of interior remodels, furniture design and we recently launched our first line of products – Bushakan eyewear stands.
We’re on Kickstarter for 4 more days and think your readers would appreciate a well designed place to keep their glasses.



Feel free to contact me for more information.

I look forward to your response.


San Francisco based Bushakan crafts design driven solid wood eyewear stands.
Each stand starts as one solid piece of solid FSC certified hardwood.
The pockets are then carved out to create the perfect space for all shapes and sizes of eyewear.
The multi-pair stands have an extra large pocket at the bottom which will fit even the largest Hepburn frames.
The stands are finished with a water-based environmentally based finish that maintains the woods’ beauty while protecting and enhancing it’s beauty.