The butaque is a very popular seat in Mexico in areas such as Veracruz , Guerrero , Campeche , Yucatan and Jalisco, the idea of a wooden structure whose sides are formed by two pieces joined cross , in which a surface is placed in tension a way to seat and continued support .
Being an interpretation , considering at all times the traditions and the great sense of ownership of the company to be a generational furniture , we start from the idea of merging the modular language to pixelate the longest and most important in the same room and give support to extend these pieces or pixels , forming two pieces falling to the floor and give visual stability. The dynamism and irregularity are formed to disappear some parts or pixels that create a texture that is attached to the context and complements , colors, materials , and secondly , by the varying length between each piece . The junction between horizontal and vertical base is fragile to the eye, although further efforts are not given here , since by its broad surface contact with the ground are getting stabilized elements alone . The cabinet to be considered for the rest, is low, and hides in metal joints having the visual fragility.
The material was determined to be appropriate for the project is made from natural oils and varnishes banak without addition to its lightness compared to the other woods , and on the other hand, by the great tradition of our country woodworking in all our Mexico areas , leaving out prefabrication or resorts where no adequate accessibility is taken to manufacture.
The result of this project is a piece of furniture that becomes for contemplative moments , you want to understand before you even take or sit on it , feeling finally presented before touching …