Game table/desk (sister piece to Pingtuated Equilibripong)

The top is constructed from a reclaimed stainless steel stair stringer, 2″ thick black walnut, and live edge white oak — supported by a steel frame (this piece is 24″w x 48″l x 30″h and weighs several hundred pounds). The legs are made from rips of seven different species of wood (mulberry, black walnut, Chinese chestnut, black locust, cherry, white oak, and sycamore) encased in brushed steel.

I made this piece, which I funded myself (available for $12,000.00), immediately after I made Pingtuated Equilibripong (which I also funded myself and is available for $39,600.00). It is the last piece that I can currently afford to make on my own — my wife has to remind me that we have a mortgage and 2 young children to support. I’m hanging on by a thread financially. Because of this, and since it’s made from a stringer, I named it [Hanging on] “By a String” [financially].

Photo credits: Robert Lowell Photography