Design contest that aims to involve young creatives, designers, artists and makers, is divided into two sections: material and 3D print, the first is dedicated to innovative materials, as the carbon fiber and the second to the 3D print. The material section is limited to the lighting design and is required to design a lamp with the carbon fiber, instead the 3D print section does not impose limit except for the size of the final object (50x50x50).
The participation is free and open to all born after 01/01/1970 and at date of publication of the notice of competition have reached the age of eighteen.
To participate and download technical specifications and layouts you need to register to the portal ww.ad3dprinting.com
The contest ends on 03/03/2014
Material section
Ing. Alberto Meda, Designer;

Prof. Arch. Salvatore Cozzolino, Second University of Naples and Campania ADI President;

Prof. Eng. Ignazio Crivelli Visconti, Tepco srl;

Prof. Antonio Langella – DICMAPI Federico II University;

Arch. Simonetta Pegorari, composites expert and blogger;

3D Print section
Dr. Aldo Colonetti – Scientific Director and Director of IED magazine Octagon;

Gisella Borioli, Director and CEO of Superstudio Group;

Alessandro Ranellucci, Creator of Slic3r;

Ph.D. Eng. Domenico Brigante, Olympus FRP®;

Massimo Moretti, WASProject 3D printers;

Prof. Eng. Sabatino Stornelli, L.U. de. S. Lugano;

The juries will draw up two lists for the sections of the competition: MATERIAL & 3D PRINT.
The selected designers will receive cash prizes and will be posted on a new web platform that will be created specifically to entertain innovation and design.The prototypes will be made with 3D printers (for the material section the prototype will be made with a filament of PLA added with carbon fiber ) and exposed during the Fuorisalone Milano design week(8-13 April 2014) in the spaces of SUPERSTUDIO in Tortona street, where the awards ceremony will take place.