Set of Cabeza
Wood and Nylon
Serie  Number  2 for Gallery Bensimon

These bowls are part of a new Priject called Cosa, a sensory project, which takes the texture of the filament as a structure and a platform for the designing of objects. It can be a stationary object, a fruit-holder as well as a simple a bowl. We intend the material to be flexible, giving the product movement as well as stiffness, so it can simply be structure but also skin for the product line.

François Leblanc Di Cicilia, director of the Gallery Bensimon, said:

“Originally created for the MALBA, this new series has been designed especially cubic for Gallery S. Bensimon. Consisting of three different sizes, the collection is flexible, calling for a new opposition movement and play materials and textures. shows series sensory research provided by the designer objects it creates.

These pieces will be presented by the Gallery S.Bensimon in Paris, on the occasion of the exhibition “Magic” from 25 October 2012.