cabeza set of bowls
cabeza set of bowls
detail, flat bowl
tall bowl (with lid)
different combined
3 different sizes
3 different sizes

buenos aires-based designer, cristian mohaded, has developed the ‘cabeza’ set of bowls and vases in wood and nylon, which are to be presented at museo de arte latinoamericano de buenos aires (malba).
bowls come in different sizes and can be combined in many ways.
these bowls are part of a new project called cosa, that is a sensory project, which takes the texture of the filament as a structure and a platform for the designing of objects. It can be a stationary object, a fruit-holder as well as a simple a bowl

We intend the material to be flexible, giving the product movement as well as stiffness, so it can simply be structure but also skin for the product line.

the containers unify the lenga wood and the plastic, to enhance the idea of material opposition and texture.