Marble and ceramic industries, like many other companies composing the Italian manufacturing culture, are facing deep changes in the way they relate to production, environment and social context.

Calcarea imagines and confronts with a post-industrial future in which design, through research and development of alternatives, is a fundamental part of the production process and represent a necessary resource for the interpretation of the contemporary reality. Calcarea is the result of a long process of experimentation and, after the analysis and the proposal of an improved system of both industries involved in the project, culminates with the scientific analysis of the experimental material used, consisting of a mixture of clay and stone waste, conducted in collaboration with the CNR-ISTEC.

CALCAREA ceramic edition is the ceramic version of Calcarea project. Calcarea collection is a prototype made by using ReM, an experimental material which combines clay with industrial marble-stone waste.

The importance of ReM project lies in the perspective of giving new aesthetic and socio-economic relevance to the stone waste. ReM questions on the ways to revaluate a discarded material, which paradoxically belongs to the noble marble, and what kind of output could be produced by using it. Developing ReM project could also generate a renewed stone industry system enriched of an actor which collects, cleans the waste and distributes it to ceramic companies.

ReM is a self-commissioned project, still in progress, and CALCAREA ceramic edition is a limited production made to support the development of ReM research project. CALCAREA ceramic edition is a limited collection of ceramic vessels handcrafted by Italian artisans. Strips made with three different leather colors. Each piece of the collection goes with a sample of the stone-clay experimental material.


CALCAREA ceramic edition

CALCAREA ceramic edition - VASE L

CALCAREA ceramic edition - VASE M

CALCAREA ceramic edition - VASE S

CALCAREA ceramic edition - VASES XS

CALCAREA ceramic edition - CUP slim

CALCAREA ceramic edition - CUP fatty

CALCAREA ceramic edition - POT L

CALCAREA ceramic edition - POT M

CALCAREA ceramic edition - POT S