The urban furniture range “Calla”, designed by Emo design is a solution to furnish many environments as historical centres, big metropolitan areas, airports or shopping malls.
Calla (bench, waste bin, bollard, bicycle rack and vases) is characterized by a distinctive and feminine sign that enhances the curvy and dense cast-iron it is manufactured with.
Contemporary and minimalist, perfectly in line with the company heritage, this family of objects completes the range Neri following the language of smoothness and maintaining shape pureness.

The femininity of cast iron is voluntarly emphasised by the smooth language that is reproduced in every object of the family. At the same time shape pureness, in contrast with the smoothness of the material, aids its positioning in many places of collectivity. In addition the introduction of materials as Effix Design® and Tecnoril® for the bench’s staves helps to preserve the structure over the time and eases its personalization, boosting the perceived value of the product and positioning it into the market higher level