Camerino valet stand, in fluoro yellow or natural oak
Camerino in bedroom
Camerino in bedroom
Camerino, flat packed
Camerino, pink
Mirror being hand polished
Prototype in Factory
Poster by James Graham
Camerino in fluoro yellow
Camerino in natural oak

Camerino is a flat-packed valet stand that provides a convenient place to hang your belongings, keeping your house tidy and giving a home to your pocket ephemera.

Traditional valet stands were popular in the 1920’s, but have since been forgotten. We have revisited this piece of furniture to fit a modern lifestyle.

Camerino is available on Kickstarter in fluoro yellow and oak. The mirrors are hand polished in copper or chrome. Camerino rethinks the traditional valet stand, combining two hanging rails, two shelves for storage and a mirror. It was first conceived as a response to lifestyles in cities like London, Berlin or New York, where the need to move can be frequent and recurrent, and where living spaces are often too compact for large furniture. The name ‘Camerino’ comes from the Italian and Spanish word for an actor’s dressing room.

brose~fogale had three things in mind when designing the Camerino:

1. A practical piece of furniture designed to suit modern lifestyles

2. Made with traditional techniques from premium materials

3. An accessible price, made possible with e-commerce and kickstarter

Flat-packed and lightweight, Camerino arrives in the post and is quick and easy to assemble.
Produced in Northern Europe from great quality, natural materials: oak, copper and stainless steel. Designed to be assembled and disassembled and built for longevity.

The traditional process of designing, developing, producing, distributing, marketing and selling a product involves a long chain of people and companies across the world. Frustrated by this system that drastically inflates the retail price, brose~fogale’s aim is to use Kickstarter to shorten the chain and bring the designer closer to the products owner, you. This way the price really reflects the quality of the product, rather than the costs of everyone else in between.
So far furniture designers have been slow to embrace the possibilities of Kickstarter. brose~fogale believes there is huge potential to reconsider this traditional process for everyone’s benefit.
Kickstarter will allow them to produce the first batch of Camerino, and offer it to the backers for half its normal retail price. Quite simply this means great quality, well-designed products at a smaller price. Better for the designers and the users.