Capsule Collection is a representation of the ephemeral gestures that occur in the home environment. Ritual actions that need supports to take place. Instruments and objects that hold these actions are valuable casings, which preserve the content waiting for staging. These domestic capsules dialogue among themselves united by a close relationship between content and container, playing with noble materials.

Jewellery box – Capsule #1 -capsule #2
Thought for the ritual of beautify and adorn themselves, through precious jewelry, this box contains the jewels waiting to be worn. The Jewel case is circular in shape, characterized by a lid equipped with a self-standing mirror to be positioned inside the box.

Glacette – Capsule #3
Housing intended for storing wine, while preserving the temperature until it is exhausted. This Basket for ice consists of two volumes, with different metallic finishes, stuck together. It can also be used as a flower vase.

Capsule Collection
design Cristina Celestino
Capsule # 1 Jewellery box_ exclusive for Yoox was on show in Pinacoteca Ambrosiana @ Made in milano
copper, brass, aluminum painted
attico 2015


capsule collection

capsule Jewellery box

capsule jewellery box

capsule jewellery box

capsule glacette