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an exploded view of the lamp

Hello MocoLoco!
I am a big fan of your site. Always a great place to escape to for fresh original eye and mind candy. I hope you will like my lamp enough to post about it as I am currently raising orders to make it affordable to manufacture and could use a bit of press. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,
Dan McMahon

The Captain Hook Lamp was created to find a way around the standard white plastic wall switch. I wanted to create an object which required the user to actually use it. When hooked up on the wall, the lamp is off and out of the way. When the lamp is grabbed by its solid Maple wood handle and brought down to illuminate a surface, it turns on. As long as the lamp is standing up, lying down, or draped over something by it’s cable, it will remain on. This is achieved through the use of a custom switching mechanism embedded in the handle itself. In addition, the long woven fabric cable allows the lamp to be used with freedom. It can light up a desk space, or be carried to bed to read a book by. The durable powder coated cage encourages this nomadic behavior by protecting the halogen bulb and helps to alleviate the fear of use which comes with many ‘designer objects’.

Another interesting detail is that no adhesives are used in the assembly of the Captain Hook Lamp. The cage snaps into its designated place and is held by the tension in the welds. When the handle is turned, the freshly exposed wood begins to absorb the moisture in the air. As a result, the handle swells to gently envelop the electric components inside.

The Captain hook lamp will be on display at New Designers in London from the 4th to the 7th of July at stand F9.

The lamp is available in 4 colours of cable and I am currently collecting orders to put it through to production.