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Carbon Fiber Tilt Top table

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Tea tables in the start of the American colonies were central in the imagination of a newly forming middle class. With owning a tea table came ideas of new wealth, gentility and the start of a consumer culture. Formally, there is an overall embodiment of order and unpredictability, which locates this object in colonial rococo culture, One of the first American furniture styles. This tilting top table is an attempt to both undermine and reinforce an American icon by creating, destroying and leaving a carbon fiber wrapped copy. In order to understand this archetype and it’s history this table is created with carbon fiber cable tow, wrapped over a wax model later burned out. By creating this object out of an easily destructable material, wrapping it in carbon fiber, and destroying it’s armature, this table hopes to break it’s ties with the past while still alluding to them in an etheral, blunt way.

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