How many of you were searching a perfect gift for children? It isn’t simple task, and you know it, if you tried to do it at least once. There are many colorful plastic toys all around, but that’s not exactly a perfect gift. The best present is something unusual, safe, and educational. Where to find it if not to do it yourself!

To make this process simple and fun, designers from MacoshDesign studio created two cardboard toys. All patterns, illustrations, and assembly instructions you can download from the official site (below).

You may purchase new cardboard sheets in a hardware store, or use some unnecessary boxes from furniture or household appliances. Finally, you will get 100% safe toy of amazing quality.

However, the most powerful and valuable thing is assembling process! Engage the children to join you – assembling of these toys is not only fascinating, it is also a perfect educational game. Just follow the simple instructions from the guides and enjoy!



Hand made airplane made of cardboard on blue sky with paper clouds.
Hand made airplane made of cardboard on blue sky with paper clouds.