New York, May 29, 2013


CARE&S is a new innovative, easy-to-use and aesthetic laundry product for people who care for their health, their clothes, and the environment. Packaged in hyper-concentrated single dose form, it prevents overdosing, the biggest laundering problem of today. CARE&S does not contain surfactants, phosphates, perfume, optical brighteners or bleach, which makes it kind to Mother Nature, your garments and us inhabitants.

100% biodegradable

Cleans well at low temperatures


Harmless to ingest (Non-Toxic nor Poisonous)

An idea of the new detergent was born in 2009. Jakob Wallsten, co-founder of CARE&S explains:

– We realized that people spend lots of money for taking care of themselves, but treat their garments with simple and even harmful chemicals. In long run the chemicals are not only hazardous for the clothing but also poisonous for the environment.

Christina Andersson Medina, the co-creator of the concept and CEO continues:

– The world suffers from over-consumption. We realized that we could change this by enabling people to use their clothes longer. CARE&S doesn’t wear out materials, so we can enjoy our favorites in sparkling shape for years, and manufacture less new to the world.

– All ingredients are biodegradable and the unique thing with the product is the lack of surfactants, optical brighteners and bleach, which are unnecessary and in many cases not good for the planet nor the clothes. It is also presented in an innovative, easy-to-use and aesthetic packaging.

CARE&S will be in selected shops in 2013, and sold online. WWW.CAREANDS.COM

More information about CARE&S contact Christina Andersson Medina, by phone: 347.410.1396 or by email: christina@careands.com

In 2009 a group of friends got together. Engineers, Product Developers, Industrial Designers and crazy visionaries wanted to innovate for good causes. CARE&S was founded to accomplish the vision of making a clean and beautiful world. The first product is the result of stubborn belief in design thinking, love in clothing, and respect for the precious nature.

CARE&S wants to be an example of a company that offers conscious but aesthetic, always functional alternatives for those who care. CARE&S team aims at showing that we can make a change, if we believe in it enough, no matter how cliché it has become to say it loud.