The Cartonchair is a project that started in the 9. school year. We had to make a project in school. The issue of the Project was completly free. So decide to design a chair made ??of cardboard, to show how strong cardboard can be. Another important element of the project was the design of the chair. Since the begining and also after the Project I have constantly reconsidered and improved him. Now he keeps a body weight of 100kg without problems.
The design has a clear and modern shape. And he has also a very god seating comfort.
The Cartonchair is built entirely of cardboard. The only things that aren’t cardboard are the glue points, which are glued with a natural corn starch glue. There are 5 pieces of 7mm thick cardboard which are inserted into each other and glued.

About me:
I’m Roger Schmid, 17 years old and I’m since about a year a student at the Fachklasse Grafik in Lucerne (Switzerland). I am very interested in Graphic Design, Architecture and Product Design.