Principal view
General view
Night view
Interior view

Here in Mexico is very common to talk about “making another room” on the rooftop whenever the family grows or a member needs a personal space. This practice happens on an empiric way and most of the times it just becomes in to a copy of the ground-floor; but the consequence of this are the modifications of circulations that were already established and of course all the non-expecting death areas generated by the stairs.
On this project this was what the client originally wanted. He asked us to design a room on the rooftop.
The user of this new room wanted more privacy but he wasn’t sure about sharing common areas.
We saw on the roof a clean and available space to make something without feeling attached to the ground-floor so we decided to design a mini-house all over the preexisting house.
The architectural program consists in one bedroom, lecture area, a bathroom, kitchen and a studio adding to this its own access; this is how this house on the rooftop was conceived, two independent volumes that dialog in the same site