Behind the project «casa no muro» there is the promise of a father to his children, to build them a tree house. But the tree overhanging the enclosure wall was on the neighbours land: so how could we answer to the children request to build this dreamed cabin? To rising off the cabin from the ground, we install it on the wall to keep the idea of a floating space. Constructed in wood, the cabin can open on nature by a big wood shutter, invisible when it is closed. The project is accessible using a ladder integrated on a footpath: a large platform ends the boardwalk offering a view on pinewood landscape. Fishing nets are fixed all along the constructive system in «v» shape, for the children safety.

The concept of laminated facades is thinking with tightened boards, on the lower part of the cabin and increasingly spaced boards in the higher part.it creates outside views, filtering light and keeping children privacy at their level small size. Because of a low budget, this cabin is a project made with the participation of the village carpenter, clients, neighbours, and architects.

This is a local pine wood: an autoclave treatment has been applied to make resistant this outdoor construction.

Project info :
Design : Martial Marquet & Mohammed Omais / Olivia Gomes(SA), assisté par Remi Godet
client :private comission
Place : Albergaria dos Dozes, Portugal.
Dimensions : 20x3x5 m
Materials : Pine wood, steel, polycarbonate
Date : 2013-2015
Photo credit : Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)


The wooden cladding filters the light inside the cabin

view of the cabin at night

a large gate can be open or close according to childs plays and outdoor conditions


a wooden path lead to a larger platform to enjoy the view