MOCO LOCO Submissions



Category: Submission

Hyggel chair by Gabriel Cuevas and Alan Aguiñaga

Saint George House by Randy Bens Architect and Falken Reynolds Interiors

Illustrated light installation by Sjoerd Verbeek

Miss Wong restaurant by Ménard Dworkind architecture and design

All-In-One organizer by Matt and Josh Bender

Frames 2.5 rack/room divider by Gerard de Hoop

Stood lighting family by Lucid Design Agency

Cardboard Metropolis by Tobias Horrocks

WRECK, Regeneration Experiment of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics by Bentu Design

2x Table by Marcin Kropidlo

CATSSUP by Dennis Cheung

EDIT – a taste for sharing by lamatilde

Blanco folding sofa by Kunikazu Hamanishi

Tria TV shelving by Irena Übler

Art is hard by Eugene Zaripov

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