MOCO LOCO Submissions



Category: Submission

Ototone cushion by Ryosuke Fukusada

HAN lamp-coat hanger by Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera

Beer Switch beer bar by Ryu Suzuki

Ercole and Le Poule tables by REIECTA

Wave wall sculpture by Lee Borthwick

Trico Collect lights by Colin Wiencek

Anour – Bespoke Luminaire by Arash Nourinejad

Damascus Knife Sets by Dovedale Design Studio

Eden kinetic sculptures by Agustina Bottoni

AH Miniatures rings by Amila Mujanovic-Hodzic

Nomenclature fragrance packaging by Carlos Quintero

Bird series furniture by Roel Haagdoren

Out of this World Island by Chrissy Fehan

Cocktail glass designs by Martin Jakobsen

Cotton armchair by Eli Gutierrez

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