CATSSUP has tons of great features but the real difference between other products on the market is its modular design and space-saving characteristics. CATSSUP creates more vertical space for the cats without compromising the owners and escalates the quality of urban life by infusing a touch of designer aesthetics in your home.

Unlike conventional cat trees, CATSSUP hacks into existing furniture and creates virtual cat trees, unlocking vertical spaces for the cats without reducing the owners’. CATSSUP fuses a minimalist aesthetic and the indispensable function of a cat tree, providing the ultimate solution for cat owners in the city.

Every piece in the collection is modular and can be easily installed within a matter of minutes. The jumping and lounging platforms that can be easily clamped on existing furniture to create a virtual cat tree. Even better, with the addition of the scratch post and toy ball in the collection, the entire shelf can be transformed into an aerial playground! The patent-pending C-clamp design allows users to quickly create cantilevered extensions or scratching surfaces through a non-intrusive attachment method on existing furniture. Since it is attached without damaging walls or furniture, the system is highly flexible and may adapt to any environment. It can be moved around and configured according to the changing needs of the users.

We are very excited about CATSSUP release and are trying to reach out to more readers and potential users so that more people can learn about our design. CATSSUP needs more media coverage to deliver our mission of creating a better livelihood for modern city dwellers and their cats.