First idea sketch
scale model 1:10
cavity cabinet 120
cavity cabinet 120
cavity cabinet 120

Cavity Cabinet

Leefanders commissioned Studio Sjoerd Jonkers to develop & design a new cabinet, which should fulfill 3 basic ethics.
– -An out of the box design

– -Easy to assemble (multifunction usage)

– -Minimum usage of resources

With these elements in mind Sjoerd Jonkers developed the Cavity Cabinet for both home and office usage. Sjoerd explains:
Although idea and thoughts of my client was clear, tackling this assignment was not easy. By eliminating elements of visual obstruction,
or practical usage such as doors, tops or sides I decided to use only one key element the vertical base – the backrest of a cabinet.

First idea sketch of the Cavity cabinet for Leefanders

Having the backrest as foundation and cutting them into small strips we would safe on wood and in return make it immediately multifunctional.

Scale model 1:10 in oakwood and metal.

The spaces between the strips are perfect for hanging accessories or with the available extensions brackets you can easily hang your flatscreen tv, or store books.

Connecting the backrest with an ordinary “box” compartment the Cavity Cabinet was born.

Cavity Cabinet 120cm in oakwood and green accessories. Photography by Lonneke Christis

For a cabinet with the dimensions of 1200x1500x400 you use min 5m2 of wood. The Cavity Cabinet uses only 1,8 m2 in wood.
An approximate 64% less in wood. Fulfilling Leefanders wishes as a durable design label.

Cavity Cabinet 120cm in oakwood and green accessories. Location the showroom at the Koffie Fabriek

The Cavity Cabinet will be presented at the Dutch design week Eindhoven

And next month during the d-day design fair in Maastricht.

Van 5 t/m 10 november 2012