URL for project: http://objectsandinteractions.com/2013/05/16/project-2-ceramic-stereo/

Project description:

This concept is attempting to make wireless connectivity and communication more graspable by mapping intangible actions, functions and settings to real-world tangible actions.
The observation that led to this concept comes from audio consumption and more specific the mismatch between where content usually resides today (in smartphones) and what is being used to amplify the playback (stereos and speakers)
In a typical audio-playback scenario a clash of interfaces occur. The smartphone that holds the content is connected either via a audio-cable or via wireless technology (usually Bluetooth) to an amplifier. More often than not you get double volume controls, double playback controls and so on. This together with the smartphones
already existing interface duality with some functions residing on the screen and some mapped to physical keys makes for a complex interface system.