Cerchio G02 - Civitanova Marche (Italy) - 2012 - paint
Cerchio G12 - Rome (Italy) - 2013 - paint, soil, and branches
Cerchio G10 - Italy - 2013 - paint, graphite, and grass circle
Cerchio G09 - Montegranaro - 2013 - paint
Cerchio G01 - Civitanova Marche (Italy) - 2012 - paint

Wall interventions are part of a post-graffiti thinking. The realization of minimal shapes, either geometric or more natural, calls for careful study prior to the work in order to take maximum advantage of the space. This research brings me toward the color palette used and other materials to insert into the piece outside of paint, but above all I seek to elaborate on the shapes that the space already possesses. I seek to push myself to go beyond the limited of what’s possible in the street and on a wall. My approach is deconstructivist and minimalist and I strive to bring the work beyond a basic pittorial intervention, beyond the term street art. I am deeply rooted to the urban landscape and would like to communicate with that first and then with people.

My art is art for art’s sake, it doesn’t have a title, nor does it represent a sort of figurative language. I respect the environment and I always attempt to insert it in my language, possibly going beyond a mural.