Cesta mock ups
Maria Sabino López, Maria Isabel Moreno Sabino, Juliana Sabino López, Margarito Sabino López, Adolfa López Librado
Santos Sabino Villasana
Cesta collection
Cesta stool
Re-design in collaboration with Ediciones Jalapa
Cesta + Ediciones Jalapa
Cesta stools
Cesta table

We are Colectivo Tlama, a group of 6 young mexican designers Mariana Aguila, Irene Rojas, Alejandra Pimentel, Alejandra Rodriguez, Estefania Robles and Cecilia Ezquerro, along with a teacher and Swiss/Spanish designer, Francisco Torres. And we’ve designed two proyects that continue their improvement and reach since 2010.

The first one we are sending you is called “Cesta” (basket in Spanish) and got inspired during the celebration in 2010 of the Bicentennial Celebration of Mexican Independence and Centennial Celebration of Mexican Revolution, when we wanted to reflect an important and cultural aspect of mexico in series of products for the 2010 Design Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium; where Cesta received a recognition by Vitra Belgium. From that moment on, it also received First Place in the cathegory of Academic Project in the design contest for female designers, Clara Porset, in Mexico City. Subsequent to Cesta’s achievement, we made an alliance with the design gallery, Ediciones Jalapa, in Mexico City to re-design a limited quantity with higher standard qualities

Ever since the first steps of Cesta this is what we proclaim:

“Sustainable design leads to think objects that are timeless pieces filled with history and becoming the legacy of future generations, working as atemporal footprints of the present. Sustainability is not only a term that certifies materials but is also a way to preserve the social and cultural context of a given process by repeating it. Cesta collection is the result of the collaboration among Mexican traditional artisans and young industrial designers. The goal is to achieve a successful connection between contemporary typologies and traditional craftsman techniques, but above all, reflect the heritage of a tradition that is unique to Tlamacazapa in Guerrero, Mexico.”

The stool and tables are made of knitted palm and powder coating iron.

And to achieve all of the above, we attended with a specific family of artisans from Tlamacazapa village in the state of Guerrero, the Sabino Lopez family, whose talent, imagination and disposal made Cesta possible.

The pictures were taken by photographer Fernando Etulain and also by ourselves, Colectivo Tlama.