'chair L' - hanging on a wall
3/4 back view
3/4 view
detail of frame and sheet
detail of backrest-edge
detail of connection
overall view
components lay out at plywood
front view
'chair L' and table

‘chair-L’ is very lightweight(1.6kg) and pure form that constructed from one plywood of thickness 2.3mm.
Even though it is thin linear shape, a curve of this seat surface fits a body, and cantilever backrest has a cushioning effect.
If this chair was set to the table, the backrest seem floating from under there.
This plan is made into 9° fan-shaped part – 10 pieces is display, it will become 1/4 circle. 40 pieces’s display is circle (10m diameter).
Designed for the dining and conference room, and also one piece put on the favorite place is like sculpture.