Chess on Dots a new chess board setup.

This chess board is about innovation in the game of chess by Chesstoppers a Dutch Design firm focused on chess designs. Its latest innovation is called Chess on Dots playing as natural as playing on squares. Besides strategy, chess is all about patterns and lines to make it possible to instantly see and make your next move(s). The new chess board is based on the human capacity for thinking in clear lines and patterns and minimizing visual interferences and reducing ‘background disturbance`. From your very first move it will make perfect sense.

Dots instead of squares.
Although it is there for ages you don’t need squares at a chess board. We found out that you can play as well on 64 landmarks. So we replaced the squares by 64 dots as landmarks. The background disturbance in the total picture of your chess position is strongly reduced and the chess pieces get more ‘breathing space’. The result is a tranquil and aesthetic picture focusing on the essence.

Magnetic self-centering.
Focusing on an optimal insight into your game doesn’t permit a sloppy positioning of the chess pieces somewhere within a field. This led to the use of metal bolts as dots. In combination with small magnets embedded in the bottom of the chess pieces it results in automatic self-centering on the dots. Besides a perfect positioning on the spot the magnets prevent easy tipping over of the chess pieces.

Duo-coloured Chess Pieces.
To prevent disturbing the calme and aesthetic outlook, the chess pieces have just one colour. By carefully adding colour into the grain of the wood each chess pieces becomes unique.