Chroma is a ceramic vase series conceived and developed with the aid of 3d printing techniques. The project challenges the traditional conception of 3d printing by hybridizing it with traditional forms of ceramic casting. The Chroma series is able to challenge the negative preconception of digital processes and the limitations of standard design and manufacturing methods.

The work seeks to present contradictions that are articulated into a final piece; The use of smooth elegant surfaces is juxtaposed by the addition of hi-resolution moments of detail. This comes as a challenge as well as an opportunity to develop material expressions and multiple readings of the object. While in some cases the smooth surfaces have been refined with a gold lustre or glossy bisque white glazing, the more visceral detailing intends to express the pure materiality of the high bisque ceramic.

Bloch believes that the material finishes in traditional manufacturing methods exceed the possibilities of current 3D printing technologies while knowing that artisanal design methods limit the design itself. Taking this into consideration, he intelligently positions digital design tools and 3D printing as part of the design and manufacturing process, and not as a final product. The 3D printed prototype defines the external complex geometry out of which a 6 piece block mould is created, which later on is used for the ceramic slip casting. The result, although initiated with digital techniques, allows for a material differentiation of each of the pieces, Allowing every reproduction to have its own nuances, creating differentiation through material behaviour rather than altering the geometry itself.