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Loaded Boards is pleased to announce the release of its much anticipated downhill/freeride/freestyle skateboard, the Chubby Unicorn.

The Chubby Unicorn is a breakthrough board for Loaded, eight years in the making. The Chubby is the perfect example of form meeting function, striking an equal balance between technology, craftsmanship, innovation and overall rideability.

As skateboard riding styles evolve so must the tools. The Chubby is Loaded’s answer for the downhill/freeride/freestyle hybrid riding our ambassadors are pioneering. This style resembles the movements one might make while snowboarding. Riders drift and slide their way around corners, tuck the straightaways, ride switch and throw tricks in for steez. The goal isn’t to get down first, but to get down with the best style and the most skin intact.

Aesthetically, the Chubby is strikingly different than anything seen to date. The ultralight basswood core has a continuous perimeter of baby blue Orangatang Urethane and is sandwiched between fiberglass/epoxy skins. Complex contours and custom grip tape are both functional and beautiful, creating a topography with rises and pockets to keep the riders’ feet in place. Flip the board over and this landscape is detailed on the two tone white UHMW bottom sheet. The millwork adds strength, weight savings and supercar-like lines. All of these elements come together flawlessly and make this board look more like a space shuttle than a skateboard. Without trucks and wheels this could easily be the hover board we are all waiting for.

Why the name? When you think of skateboarding you conjure up skulls, snakes, swords and other hardcore iconography. The Chubby Unicorn is way burlier than all that and you can still take it home to meet your parents or let it sleep at the foot of your bed.

The Chubby Unicorn will be available in select shops and distributors worldwide on December 4th.

Founded in 2000, Loaded Boards continually strives to take skateboarding in new directions through collective creativity, advances in design and composite construction, pioneering manufacturing processes, and stellar ambassadors.

For much more detailed information on the Chubby Unicorn, please visit the Loaded site:


Tech Specs:
Rocker creates a subtle lock-in for sliding and a natural platform for foot movement. Progressive rail concave ensures edge control without sacrificing comfort, while wide W concave provides comfortable ergonomic support and enhanced control. CNC routed grab rails on the deck’s underside shave weight and act as chubby wubby love handles for predrifts and early grabs of all varieties. Integrated wheel wells flare up above the top surface of the deck, increasing wheel clearance and creating unique transitions to hug your feet while sliding. Recessed truck mounts drop your baseplates deep into the deck and are angled to neutralize the wedging effect from the rocker, keeping your steering geometry true. Nose and tail kicks provide ample leverage and a comfortable surface for catching tricks and balancing manuals. A fully symmetrical shape ensures ideal ergonomics in any orientation.

Material Specs:
The Chubby’s basswood core balances rigidity for speed with just enough give to dissipate energy from vibrations and impacts. Around the board’s perimeter is a high durometer Orangatang urethane sidewall. Bonded to the wood and fiberglass skins, the sidewall provides vibration damping throughout the entire board. The urethane formula has been carefully selected for exceptional abrasion resistance, crisp pop, and resilience against hard impact. The Chubby’s base is also sealed with a layer of UHMW for additional damping, abrasion resistance, and protection against moisture.