Hey MOCO LOCO Editors Extraordinaire,

I hope life and biz at MC is treating you well! We’ve been busy adding some new City Prints products and wanted to let you know. But first…

Holiday parties are coming up and you may need to run a little game to impress. We got you covered. Here are some map-related jokes that you’re free to use, because, come on…who doesn’t love map humor?

Q: What makes maps and says moo?
A: A Cow-tographer.

Q: What’s the difference between Apple Maps and Scientology?
A: Scientology gives you better direction.

Q: What is the best possible gift for Christmas?
A: This isn’t a joke, just a fabulous lead in to:

Top 3 Reasons CITY PRINTS Are the Perfect Christmas Gifts!

City Prints creates fine art map prints of campuses, cities, and stadiums. Here are our print series: http://cityprintsmapart.com/our-prints/ And here are the top three reasons you should consider City Prints in your upcoming holiday posts.

3. There’s Something for Everyone
We carry fine art maps of 300+ colleges, pro baseball ballparks, pro football stadiums, college football stadiums, hockey arenas, and of course states and cities.

2. The Perfect Price Point
Get a thoughtful and unique gift that won’t break the back with our unframed prints at $40, or impress with our high-end framed prints at $180.

And the number one reason CITY PRINTS are the perfect Christmas Gift…

1. Maps are Universal and Personal
Everyone is passionate about a place – whether it’s their college campus, hometown, favorite vacation spot or beloved sports stadium. The gift is thoughtful and personalized – perfect for those difficult to buy for.


We would love your consideration to feature City Prints on your site. I know holiday gift guides are popular posts and would be honored to be included. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide to make your job easier.

Tony Rodono
Founder and Map Maker at City Prints