Cityscapes is a tiled carpet which derives its isometric form from complex city views and uses a simple woollen felt as the material of choice. The modular, tiled carpet or wall application made of high quality materials, is designed by Allt Studio. The geometrical tiles enable you to create your own personally designed rug: size and shape are easily adaptable to your individual interior wishes.

A full carpet consists of 40 tiles. The tiles are also sold per piece. The carpet comes in loose tiles, ready to be put together in any shape you like.

Size: 200 x 100 cm (if the tiles are puzzled into a rectangular). The size of the carpet depends
on the way it is shaped.

Material: 100% wool felt and rubber
Colour: Mixed grey, yellow ochre, olive and blue.


Cityscapes by basematters.com Campaign image

Cityscapes by basematters.com Campaign image

Cityscapes carpet  - grey

Cityscapes carpet - grey

cityscapes carpet - blue