The diffuser cluster reflects and refracts the LED light installed, making the fixture sparkle and a perfect accent artistic element.

Stretching almost 6’-0” (183 cm) from your ceiling, it’s accent lights gently glow on nearby walls while the LED down light within the canopy provides patterned light below.

There are 3 inner globes are 12’x7 ½” (30.48 cm x 19 cm), the outer 12 globes are 3”x 7” (7.62 cm x 17.48cm). They are all hand blown and polished clear glass.

“Claire” uses 6 dimmable LED strips, already installed in the “light-pipe” within the internal structure, and an LED down-light housed in the mounting canopy. All Lamps can be dimmable, dependent upon installation type.

The ceiling mounting plate is 12” (30.48 cm) in diameter, 3’ (7.6 cm) high.
Overall cluster diameter is approximately 26”-28” (66 cm – 71 cm). Varies.


buoyant Claire Chandelier_Freefall

buoyant- Claire Chandelier_Detail

buoyant-launch at ICFF 2014

buoyant-Claire Chandelier_Raw

buoyant- Claire Chandelier at Shapeshifter Lab (Music and performance space in Park Slope Brooklyn)