This comfortable ash wood chair, designed by Andreas Kowalewski will be presented by Japanese furniture brand Miyazaki next week in Milan at the Galleria Seno. Called Clamp Chair, the design was driven by the idea to create an comfortable yet simple and light wooden object, that emphasizes the beauty of wood and craftsmanship.
Its appearance is characterized through the seamless transitions between all parts. The upholstered seat and backrest are supported by a very slim wooden frame which comes either in ash, oak or walnut. The chairs are manufactured with a combination of handcraft and CNC tooling. Each chair is assembled by hand and the carefully selected wood is finished with 100% natural beeswax oil.
The family-owned company Miyazaki has been manufacturing chairs and other furniture since more than forty years in Tokushima, Japan.
Their philosophy embraces advanced craftsmanship and design innovation. Miyazaki Chair Factory creates greatly refined contemporary furniture by using highly sophisticated digital control equipment combined with their diverse and highly experienced manual know-how.

Photos: Yoshinaga Keishi