LITTLE WINTER: A Wonderfully Chilly Reception

Visitors to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will receive a wonderfully chilly reception this holiday season. “Little Winter” bottles up holiday spirit and mischief in miniature – five hand-built dioramas brought to life in a magical, large-scale film and music installation in the hotel’s lobby.

Filled with whimsical hidden stories, the frozen scenes invite engagement with animated figurines and environmental special effects. The tiny worlds depict a Nordic ice fishing adventure at daybreak, an alpine ski day, an ice-skating outing at sunset, a twilight hot tub celebration, and a moonlit quest in the woods – enhanced with an original music score accompanying each scene as winter’s day passes from dawn to the deep of night.

The piece represents a unique collision of the physical and the digital – the naïve and the modern – where classic miniature dioramas merge with digital technology and leverage the one-of-a-kind media experience of The Cosmopolitan’s lobby to create an entirely curious and delightful experience for visitors.

Little Winter was conceived, designed and directed by Yonder, a new studio focused on innovative forms of story and media. Based in Seattle, Yonder was co-founded by Mark Bashore, who created many of the hotel’s award winning installations since its opening in 2010.

For this project, Yonder assembled a team of uncommon bedfellows, melding opposites from the digital and physical arts. The scenics were designed by Yonder, fabricated by Brooklyn-based Nix and Gerber Studio, with animation and effects by Ntropic in Los Angeles. Jesse Solomon Clark composed the original score.


Little Winter Scene - Fox

Little Winter Installation at The Cosmopolitan - Lobby 1

Little Winter Installation at The Cosmopolitan - Lobby 2

Little Winter Scene - The Pickup