We were challenged by Serra da Estrela, a water company (in Portugal), to use their bottles as the main material for a new product, it could be anything.

The starting point was their well known environment concerns and re foresting campaigns, such as planting a new tree for every sold bottle.

From there we planned on having this as statement in which ever object to come up with.

Experimenting with the material properties we came to understand that it can be re-moulded with heat and be shaped to as many forms as we liked, loosing the cheap feel and become of value.

From here on, all the ideas got together and the vase shape and function seemed obvious, the same way that the water company plants a tree in a forest we can now also contribute and have a plant of our own at home, in the office and so on. What once was a water bottle is now an appealing and elegant clear vase.

As for the birdhouse, it follows the same concept, only it also sends out an iconic message, a home for nature in our home. Using a water bottle only to make each birdhouse and leaving the bottleneck as the entrance and the handle as the bird perch.

We developed and designed these for a social innovation team of 5 unemployed artisans that currently make and sell these to open chances of creating their own jobs and employment sustainability.

www.colectivodarainha.com // info@colectivodarainha.com

Vases – http://colectivodarainha.com/plastic-transparent-vases/

Birdhouse – http://colectivodarainha.com/plastic-bird-house/

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